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the UTMs in this series can accommodate a wide range of test specimens and are used in a diverse range of testing applications, from production to quality control and high end research. ZwickRoell is a global leader in materials testing and offers a deep level of expertise in automated tensile testing. We have delivered over 600 automated testing systems worldwide and continue to install approximately 40 systems every year. We take pride in our ability to match the right testing solution to each client’s unique business requirements, providing tailored solutions backed by long-term service and support partnerships. Manufacturer of steel strands uses a tensile testing machine from ZwickRoell for quality assurance and tensile tests with strain measurement to EN 10138.

AKS has purchased 250kN advanced UTM from ZwickRoell with an automated unit for strain measurement for the quality control of its product. Some of the leading manufacturers of shear testing equipment includes Humboldt Mfg. Co., AMETEK.Inc., Controls S.p.A., Prolific Engineers, Shimadzu Corporation, HOVERLABS, and EIE INSTRUMENTS PVT. LTD., and Nordson Corporation.

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The EN8 steel flat was moved to a position where a minimum scratch length of 10mm could be obtained. The tester was programmed such that pin would be lowered till it touches the flat, then the horizontal slide was moved at a speed of 2mm/sec. The horizontal and vertical forces can be registered once the pin touches the surface, which increases as the pin slides on the EN8 steel flat. The normal and tangential forces are continuously acquired using a personal computer. In this case, the loading zone was induced between ±75 degrees around the maximum rolling element load position, the value was set in the locator.

Leave unchanged if you don’t know – in most cases it is 200 steps per rev. Slide in the load cell from the hole in the stationary grip all the way to the bearing blocks. The ATTiny85 is used to control the stepper motors so that the pulses will be independent of the main Arduino’s processes. If the stepper motor shaft has a key, make sure to select a keyed coupler to match that shaft.

These universal testing machines are used, among other things, in quality assurance and are characterised by a particularly attractive price/performance ratio. The inspekt blue is suitable for tensile tests, compression tests, peel tests and bending tests on various materials. In combination with the ergonomic design and the new brushless drive concept, a safe and fast measurement is guaranteed with simplest operation both in the rough production environment and in the sterile laboratory area. A materials testing machine that is categorized as universal can be used to perform tests in tensile and compression direction on a wide range of materials for many different applications.

Composites, elastomers, wood products, textiles, biomaterials, paper products, and adhesives. The MTS Landmark 22k dynamic universal testing machine comes equiped with a small furnace unit, that can heat samples up to very high temperatures. The system is designed with dual test spaces for tension, compression, bend, shear, and flexure testing on high strength materials. The open-face crosshead allows for fast and efficient testing of large volumes of tension specimens such as bolts, rebars, and couplers.

Hazira Manufacturing Complex is a manufacturing facility specialized in large sized equipment for Process Plants and Nuclear and Defence sectors and it counts to one of the best in the world. ZwickRoell’s 330kN materials testing machine is a part of well-equipped testing laboratory with cutting edge equipment and technology. One of the leading materials research centers supports the production of new and extremely heat resistant materials for the aviation industry.