Thank you for volunteering to recruit businesses for Bike to Shop Day on May 17, 2014! To make the process easier for our volunteers, we’ve broken down the job into eight steps.

Step 1: Plan the merchants you want to recruit.
If possible, choose merchants that know your face if not your name. Relationships count! Set a goal. Note that we’re asking team members to stay within their area or coordinate with other recruiters so we don’t bombard merchants with multiple requests. Merchants that having existing discount offers for SVBC members will be contacted first by SVBC staff, so don’t approach them unless requested.

About their offer…There are no specific restrictions on their offer. It can be free coffee with pastry purchase, buy one, get second item 1/2 off, 10% off all accessories, an extra 20% on all sale items, etc. It’s up to the business. Offers that are more interesting or creative may do better in attracting customers.

Step 2: Practice your pitch.
First, introduce yourself as volunteer for the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition. Pitch points:

  1. Bike to Shop Day is a one-day program of the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition that encourages people to shop by bike.
  2. Your business can participate by creating a one-day offer for people who arrive by bike.
  3. We will provide a Bike to Shop Day poster with a custom offer for your window.
  4. Your business and your offer will be listed on the Bike to Shop web site, which will be promoted as part of SVBC’s May is Bike Month and Bike to Work Day and in local media.
  5. If you want “proof” of arrival by bike can you ask participants to show their helmets or other bike items.

Step 3: Recruit merchants, in person or by email.
Arrive by bike! Introduce yourself, ask for manager, use pitch points #1 and #2 if needed to break the ice with the non-manager. Thank manager, do pitch. If declined, thank the manager and go. If accepted, fill out the online form , either in the store with with them, or on their behalf later. If the manager or owner is not available, ask for their contact information and follow up by phone or email. You can also leave a flyer and ask they to contact the Bike to Shop Day team at (650) 363 – 1935.

Step 4: Track the merchants you recruit.
After the deal is recorded, we will publish it on the map. We would like you to re-check the progress of the businesses you recruit. Sometimes a personal nudge to the business owner may be needed. Before Bike to Shop Day, we will send email confirming offer and reminding them that Bike to Shop Day is coming.

Step 5: Deliver Bike to Shop Day posters.
Posters will be available at the end of April, which you will deliver (by bike!) to the merchants you’ve recruited.

Step 6: Visit merchant on Bike to Shop Day.
Make sure the poster is still up and they’re ready. If possible, buy something. Thank manager for participating! SVBC will follow up with thank you email.

Step 7: Celebrate!
We’re a fun group. We will have a social gathering to celebrate our wins, share our stories of this year’s successes and gotchas and brainstorm for the future.

Step 8: Consider becoming a Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition member
If you are not already a Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition member, we encourage you to become one! You’ll be speaking on behalf of SVBC, so we want you to be able to have authority to say “I’m a member of the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition volunteering for Bike to Shop Day.”

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