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We will ship directly to your site to help you meet your deadlines. We perform global on-site installation as well as service visits and we are of course available for support and advice daily, so you can rest assured your test equipment will have maximum up-time. Universal Testing Machines have existed in various forms since the 1800’s. One of the original applications was for testing the strength of steel used in steam power boilers.

Generally, It is fitted with a colorful LCD allowing you to input various parameters and view the real-time data and trend in the test. The test operation is more convenient, and the machine is easy-to-use. The digital display tensile machine integrates independent test procedures such as tension, compression, peeling, tearing, etc.

This software is characterized by powerful functions and personalized settings to help you complete a variety of tests. It uses the servo valve or proportional valve as the control element and adopts the high-precision pressure sensor and strain sensor to measure force and displacement. In addition, we also have the motorized push pull tester machine. It is driven by a motor, and the force is transmitted via the ball screw.

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Temperature distribution at the control temperature of 550°C is ranging from 548°C to 553°C within the gage area . Strain-hardening characteristics – strain hardening, also referred to as work hardening, occurs when a material is stretched beyond the yield point. Strain hardening increases the mechanical resistance and hardness but decreases ductility. Manufacturers can use this information to determine the material that meets their ductability requirements while maintaining the highest strength possible. If you are interested in learning more about the right robotic tensile testing solution for your test challenges, we encourage you to reach out to our team.

If you’re using the red HX711 or one that is set to 80SPS, use 8 for the read attempt number. Typically, cheap load cell amplifiers use the HX711 IC made by Avia Semiconductor. It consists of an internal programmable gain amplifier and a 24 bit analog-to-digital converter. Its sample rate is selectable from 10 samples-per-second to 80 samples-per-second, which is important to us. The load cell amplifier is used to amplify and read the data from the strain gauge inside the load cell. Make a 54x29mm rectangle in the middle of the sketch lượt thích shown.

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The eXpert 5000 series universal testing machines feature configurable frame components and a detachable actuator; giving you the ability to configure your system in a variety of vertical or horizontal orientations. Perfect for users wanting to perform a variety of tests on a single machine, the 5000 is ADMET’s most affordable testing system. The need for ensuring uniformity of materials before using it in the production, construction, and other operations is rising from past few years for safety, and maintenance of product standards. With the increasing need for maintaining industrial standards for ensuring strength and load bearing capacity of different materials, the demand for shear testing equipment is expected to increase over forecast period.

The testing solution can be used to measure strain with a minimal initial gauge length . A Swedish customer performs strain-controlled high-temperature tensile tests up to +1,200°C on additively manufactured high-performance materials. With TMI as your partner, you can access over 75 years of laboratory testing knowledge and instrument calibration experience from technical experts in materials testing. Your products and their packages need to be carefully tested for quality and consistency.