The software has high accuracy, fast response

, and convenient operation. The nội dung of the test result can be customized and calculated automatically by the test software, and the real-time data and curve graph can be presented on the computer screen. The test result can be printed directly by connecting a printer, or the test data can be saved permanently on your computer. There are special case hardened lead screws which ensure stability and durability.

Senseonics has scaled back its workforce but continues to tư vấn the Eversense system. What sets the Dexcom G6 apart from other types of CGMs is its ability to complement other devices you might have for your diabetes management. If you have a recent diabetes diagnosis and are looking for a glucose meter that’s both easy to use and affordable, you may consider the traditional blood glucose monitoring system from Care Touch.

Reports – whether they are simple or customized, our software allows you to define reports with virtually unlimited possibilities along with the option to save, export, and print. Metal producer – Tensile and 3-point flexure tests up to a maximum test force of 250 kN at ambient and high temperature. High-temperature research – For determination of the thermal-elastic behavior, heat resistance and re-crystallization temperature of materials. Manufacturer of spring elements – Sigrist uses an automated testing solution to perform spring rate measurements of several miniature spring elements in one test cycle.

After the test is completed, the test results, such as the maximum force, tensile strength, and yield strength rate of the material, are automatically calculated. We Call it the universal testing machine because it can achieve various test targets on different samples by changing fixtures. Our tensile tester machines meet many international testing standards such as GB, ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS, etc. The eXpert 7600 series single column universal testing machines are capable of performing tension, compression, flexure and peel/adhesion tests in an affordable and compact package. Efficient in design, units fit within a 431x520mm space with force capacities to 5kN.

strength tester

You can order extra specimens, and the user guide includes a diagram to help you create your own tensile test specimens from suitable materials. This bench mounted machine is microprocessor controlled and incorporates world proven 32 bit technology for highly accurate load measurement and rapid data acquisition. The EZ50 features an integral user interface consisting of a side mountedcontrol console with large, positive action membrane keys, allowing complex tests to be performed at the touch of a button.

The motorized tension-compression Universal Testing Machine is a motorized test station with a force range of up to 500 N. With the help of the horizontal Universal Testing Machine, it is possible to to carry out tension-compression tests. Strain measurement is done by the electronic displacement transducer built in the machine if required external extensometer fitted to the specimen also can be used for strain measurement.

This can be attributed to rapid industrialization, development of smart factories, and advent of Industry 4.0 in manufacturing plants in the region. North America dominated the global tensile testing machine market in 2019, due to presence of well-established and technologically advanced manufacturers in the region. The U.S. is a key market in North America, due to increase in investments in the automotive sector .

Refer to actual Fusion 360 tutorials on how to efficiently design parts if you’re a beginner. However, if you were to follow this tutorial, you may do so in one complete assembly. You will need basic intermediate knowledge to solder the components onto the PCB. Most of the components are through-hole, and those that are SMD are not strictly required. By following the build instructions, you should be able to replicate the machine without much experience in electronics, but if you plan on customizing some features, then you need to be familiar with the required skills. The SCITEQ equipment and cloud based software is developed by our in-house R&D engineers and manufactured in Europe.

The recording tốc độ of the high-speed camera was 1000 frames per second under full resolution. Rubber compounds for use in tires – the elongation and tensile strength of tire rubber is tested for quality control purposes to avoid tire failures such as tread separation and blowouts. Our testing software is an extremely user-friendly, wizard-guided, and Windows-based solution that allows users to set up the testing system, configure and run tests and view results. ThyssenKrupp Presta – Production-related quality control on camshafts with TorsionLine torsion testing machine. Medical industry – For tensile tests on different materials used in implantable neuroelectrodes, CorTec uses a testing system from ZwickRoell.