The chambers of this type of Filter Press are formed by combining Polypropylene Filter Plates and Frames

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Micronics designs and manufactures industry-leading Filter Presses in capacities from 2000mm x 2000mm down to functional, lab-scale filter presses such as Micronics’ MicroPress with 150 milimet filter plates. ANDRITZ offers a wider range of filter presses with sidebar technology suitable for both standard and medium duty, and for heavy-duty performance levels. Maximum flexibility is provided by choosing between simple manual to fully automated ANDRITZ sidebar filter press designs. ANDRITZ sidebar filter presses are upgradable in terms of modules and features and can be customized to your specific needs. A pair of filter plates when closed form a cavity internally covered on all both sides by the filtering medium. Slurry with uniform distribution of finely dispersed solids in liquid is introduced under pressure in this cavity.

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If you try to use the tail plate in a different position in the plate pack without the backer plate, you run the risk of damaging the chamber of the tail plate. Sludge Dumpsters are used directly under the filter press to catch the sludge that is released from the filter press during cleaning. They are also equipped with forklift slats for convenient use with a tow motor.