Strain measurements can be done directly from the extensometer fitted to the specimen

Advanced software and frame design for just about any test in a wide range of materials. This is the 100th anniversary of manufacturing Shimadzu testing machines. If you would like to speak with our highly qualified in-house engineering team about our dynamic testing machine range, give us a call. Tensile testers are used to test the strength of a sample part or component and allow manufacturers to see exactly what level of stress will cause it to fail. AE events were monitored over 0–512kHz of the frequency specimen.

The SCITEQ SCT Universal Testing Machines offers a wide range of test used in the plastics industry. The UTMs perform tensile, compression, and bending tests according to a large variety of international standards i.e. Working with THELKIN servo-electric load frames and their support staff has been a pleasant experience for the mechanical characterization of our biomaterial products. Using the system for static and dynamic testing applications alike, we found high levels of accuracy and reliability. HLC-591 machines are similar in construction to HL-590 machines except for automatic pace setting based on servo hydraulic closed loop principle.

After the test is completed, the test results, such as the maximum force, tensile strength, and yield strength rate of the material, are automatically calculated. We Call it the universal testing machine because it can achieve various test targets on different samples by changing fixtures. Our tensile tester machines meet many international testing standards such as GB, ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS, etc. The eXpert 7600 series single column universal testing machines are capable of performing tension, compression, flexure and peel/adhesion tests in an affordable and compact package. Efficient in design, units fit within a 431x520mm space with force capacities to 5kN.

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The high stiffness frame incorporates a crosshead guidance system to prevent side loading of the sample under test. The crosshead is driven by twin lead screws and a high precision servo motor and DC servo system to achieve a wide range of speeds throughout the full load range. Suitable for checking all types of polymers, compounds, composite materials, fibre reinforced plastics and polymeric materials. The VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine is a revamped design of the EJA Vantage Series of Tensile Testers. With a small footprint and ergonomic design testing can be completed efficiently with this instrument. It is the part of the machine that is fixed with one end of the testing specimen and one end of the load cell.

Invest in the right testing equipment to improve your efficiency and maximize your profits. Theranos’s business model was based around the idea that it could run blood tests, using proprietary technology that required only a finger pinprick and a small amount of blood. Holmes said the tests would be able to detect medical conditions lượt thích cancer and high cholesterol. Provide honest and quality service in order to perform customer expactations and gladness, improve oneself continuously for excellence and become a reliable company with teamwork in laboratory test equipment industry. The following equipment is available to users of the Carleton Laboratory.

Reports – whether they are simple or customized, our software allows you to define reports with virtually unlimited possibilities along with the option to save, export, and print. Metal producer – Tensile and 3-point flexure tests up to a maximum test force of 250 kN at ambient and high temperature. High-temperature research – For determination of the thermal-elastic behavior, heat resistance and re-crystallization temperature of materials. Manufacturer of spring elements – Sigrist uses an automated testing solution to perform spring rate measurements of several miniature spring elements in one test cycle.

Sales of blood testing equipment are expected to rise at a healthy rate over the forecast period. The MTS 858 Table Top Universal Testing Machine is a small-scale universal testing machine capable of tension and compression up to 3.3 kips . The series inspekt fulfils highest demands in terms of measurement accuracy and versatility. It allows tensile, compression, bending or torsion tests, flexibly adapted to customers test conditions. It is also characterised by its first-class frame stiffness, modern control electronics, and a convincing cost/performance ratio.