How to debug before use of a concentrated filter machine?

How to debug before use of a concentrated filter machine? What is the debugging method of a belt concentrated filter machine before the belt concentrated filter machine? The following is a small series for everyone. Debugging work before use with a concentrated filter machine: 1. Check the power wiring, pay attention to waterproof moisture, layout should be reasonable, avoiding the device to compress the power line when the device is working. Wipe the rack, filter plate, piston rod, tape concentrated filter machine to check whether the filter plate is arranged neatly, correct; then pay attention to view the filter cloth, check the filter cloth has no folds, if any Need a flat. Second, check the pipeline and other pipes such as feed, water, blow, and liquid, the configuration of the valve is correct and reasonable. Third, clean up the hydraulic stations, electric control boxes, etc. of the belt concentrated filter machine, these first, the inside of the fuel tank should be cleaned, check the power supply of the belt concentrated filter machine and the backhaul tube normal. Fourth, first ensure the correct installation is correct, check whether the upper and lower limits of the upper and lower limits of the tape concentrated filter press meet the requirements.

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The belt concentrated filter machine must do the above debugging work before being put into use, and for a tape concentrated filter machine for a period of time, it can be commissioned before re-use, which is the efficiency and thermalness of use. Important guarantee. Open the tapered concentrated filter machine all outlet valves, close the water wash, blow the air cleaning type valve, the feed valve opens a quarter, this time starts the feed pump, view the filtration and feed pressure, such as pressure High, you need to open the valve on the return line to adjust. When the filter cloth of the belt concentrated filter machine, the filtrate will look a bit turbid, which is a normal phenomenon when the filter is filtered. The company’s development of the rushing machine is reasonable, paying attention to, beautiful, and good durable, the structure of the filter machine is made with reference and sucking the advantages of German products, using a molded molding production process, ensuring the stability of product quality .