The use of solar energy

Solar energy has many uses in life and has too many effects. It is a kind of radiant energy, pollution-free and pollution-free. The following small series of photovoltaic brackets will introduce to you:

1. Heating energy: thermal energy that converts solar energy into water. Example: solar water heater.

Solar energy used to heat water very early, and there are now millions of solar installations around the world. The main components of the solar water heating system include three parts: collector, storage device and circulation pipeline. It mainly has a temperature difference control collector cycle and a floor heating pipe circulation system. Solar water heating projects are increasingly used in residential areas, villas, hotels, tourist attractions, science parks, hospitals, schools, industrial plants, agricultural farming areas and other fields.steel c profile manufacturer

2. Power generation: that is, directly convert solar energy into electrical energy, and store the electrical energy in a capacitor for use when needed.

Such as solar street lights, solar street lights are a type of street light that does not require electricity and uses solar power to generate electricity. Such street lamps do not need to be powered, and do not need wires, which is relatively economical. As long as the sun is sufficient, it can be used normally, because such products are greatly concerned and favored by the public, not to mention no pollution to the environment. This can be a green product, solar street lights can be used in parks, towns, lawns. It can also be used in areas where population density is small, transportation is not economically developed, lack of conventional fuel, and it is difficult to generate electricity with conventional energy sources, but solar energy is abundant to solve the problem of household lighting in these areas.

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