How to choose a single girder bridge crane

Single-girder bridge cranes are often used in industrial buildings. They are used as a kind of cement column or track on both sides of the main girders to control the lifting and lowering of cargo. In addition, the well-known single-girder bridge cranes in the country can also carry unloaded mechanical movements along the main beam or track. However, since quality guarantees that single-girder bridge cranes have a role that cannot be replaced by manpower in industrial production, how should we choose?

How to choose a single girder bridge crane?

1.Select single-girder bridge cranes according to the lifting object: Generally speaking, the standard model single-girder bridge cranes on the market have their labels, the code for the relevant products, the limited load limit, the width and the working level. The basic parameters have relevant instructions, and the domestic famous single-girder bridge crane will also have the manufacturer’s phone,container crane price, you can directly call the relevant product parameters. For different varieties, the product code will be different, and for some special-purpose single-girder bridge cranes, even the same variety will be subdivided. According to the structure of the single girder bridge crane and the configuration of the car, the different product models are divided. This requires us to choose different ones according to the object of the lifting when purchasing the single girder bridge crane.

2. Choose different types of single girder bridge cranes depending on the place of use and use: There are many types of single girder bridge cranes, and each single girder bridge crane with different mechanical processes is suitable for different sites. It is like there is no need to use explosion-proof single-girder bridge cranes in the absence of corrosive gases and flammable and explosive environments, nor does it mean that such single-girder bridge cranes are not suitable, but compared to such places. The choice of a universal single-girder bridge crane not only maximizes resources, but also saves a lot of money for consumers. However, in some cases with flammable and explosive hazards, a reliable explosion-proof single-girder bridge crane must be purchased to avoid unnecessary danger due to environmental impact.

The above is the two tips for choosing a single girder bridge crane. In general, the maximum limit load of an optional single girder bridge crane is greater than the sum of all the weights of the loaded objects plus the weight of the pickup device, and the level of use of the single girder bridge crane is determined according to the actual needs of the operation. And the load status.

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