Gantry cranes and Bridge cranes

Gantry cranes are one of the most widely used industrial cranes. They are very similar in terms of bridge cranes; the only substantial difference between the two configurations is that the gantry crane’s mobility is comparable to that of a bridge crane.gantry crane manufacturers

Both gantry cranes and overhead cranes have a beam above the ground that is parallel to the ground. Mounted on the beam is a mechanical hoist or winch that can be moved back and forth over the length of the beam. The winch is lowered and retracted to connect to hooks or other lifting tools of the device below. Both ends of the beam are support systems.

Gantry cranes and Bridge cranes

In the case of a gantry crane, the support system involves a plurality of beams extending down to the ground. If the crane is movable, the beams can be mounted on wheels or casters and they can leave the entire space below the parallel beams for storage and for other purposes.

Bridge cranes differ in that they are not mounted on a single beam on only a few beams, but rather one or more beams are mounted on the frame, which allows them to add a motion axis.bridge crane manufacturer

The gantry cranes can be large enough to transport the boxes moving throughout the yard and they can be small enough to accommodate small-scale indoor industrial processes. The gantry cranes can be designed to have very large industrial strength rubber wheels, or they can have light casters, depending on the needs of the particular operation.

These details depend on the frequency of use of the crane, the operating conditions used, and the weight of the lifting material. Like a bridge crane, a gantry crane can be designed with two load-bearing beams. A crane or winch can be installed between these beams, which allows the winch to be positioned away from the ground at its maximum height.

A common misconception is that this configuration increases the load carrying capacity of the bridge and gantry cranes; in fact, it only affects the maximum winch and lift height. The difference between a bridge crane and a gantry crane can be blurred, especially if double support beams are used.

In general, all permanent, structurally supported parallel beam cranes are bridge cranes, self-supporting, and occasionally mobile cranes are always considered gantry cranes. However, different crane manufacturers may have different standards and different customers may have different expectations.

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