Crane drive operation

In the 14th century, human and animal-powered rotating boom cranes appeared in Western Europe. In the early 19th century, bridge cranes appeared; important wear parts of the crane such as shafts, gears and spreaders began to be made of metal materials and began to be hydraulically driven. In the late 19th century, steam-driven cranes gradually replaced hydraulically driven cranes. Since the 1920s, due to the rapid development of the electrical industry and the internal combustion engine industry, various cranes powered by electric motors or internal combustion engines have basically taken shape.hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers

Crane drive operation

Crane drive operation:

Drive mode

Most cranes are driven by electric motors, and the manual drive is only suitable for cranes with small lifting weights and low handling distances. Compared with the conventional motor, the crane-specific motor has a large starting torque, a small moment of inertia of the rotor, and high mechanical strength.

AC winding type motors are used the most. A DC motor can also be used when it is necessary to smoothly adjust the speed over a wide range. Self-propelled cranes and floating cranes are mostly driven by internal combustion engines or internal combustion engine-motors.

Operation method

Cranes operate in many ways, usually in the driver’s cab; they can also be operated with buttons on the ground, while people walk with the crane; they can also be wired or wirelessly remotely controlled. When the job of the fixed program is to be completed, various actions can be automatically performed by the program control method.


The failure of the crane can cause significant personal accidents and economic losses. Therefore, various crane safety devices are installed on the crane, such as overload limiters, cranes, lifting trolleys or spreader positions, to prevent the crane from being gale. Blowing crane rail clamps, as well as signaling devices. In particular, the jib type crane should pay attention to the overall stability, that is, it must be prevented from tipping under the action of external load.parking equipment suppliers

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