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How tower crane personnel to limit the hidden dangers

As a full-time safety production management staff at the construction site, the construction safety officer is responsible for publicizing safety construction knowledge to all types of work and inspecting their equipment, personnel and processes to ensure safe production. Among them, the tower crane related personnel such as the driver, the ropeworker and the repairman of the tower crane are also included.

Different from other types of work, the tower crane operation involves many technical aspects such as electrical appliances and machinery, as well as the global layout of the site, high-altitude operations, etc., so the safety officer should pay attention to the professional construction of the tower crane before the class is believed. In addition to the self-consciousness of the post-class summary, it is also necessary to work with the tower crane personnel to inspect all aspects of the tower crane parts, so as to limit the hidden dangers.China Best Hydraulic Scissor Lift Manufacturer

1.There should be enough working space when the tower crane is working. There should be no obstacles in the lifting and lowering of the boom bar and the radius of gyration. There should be sufficient lighting equipment for night work.

How tower crane personnel to limit the hidden dangers

2.When lifting full load or close to full load, lift the heavy object 20-50 cm away from the ground. Check the stability of the crane, the reliability of the brake, the stability of the weight, and the firmness of the binding.

3.The lifting and landing speed of the tower crane should be even, and it is strictly forbidden to suddenly and slowly and suddenly brake. The left and right swivel movements should be smooth. Do not reverse the action until the rotation has not stopped.

4.The steel wire rope used by the crane should have the technical certificate of the manufacturer as the basis for use. If there is no certificate, it should be tested before it can be used. The steel wire rope on the reel should be firmly connected, neatly arranged, not kinked and deformed, and all steel wire ropes must not have joints.

5.the tower crane’s variable amplitude indicator, torque limiter and various travel limit switches and other safety protection devices must be complete, sensitive and reliable, and should not be adjusted and removed at will. It is strictly forbidden to use the limit device instead of the operating mechanism to stop the machine.

6.A comprehensive understanding of the surrounding environment, driving roads, overhead wires, buildings, and the weight and distribution of components must be carried out before the operation.

7.The operator and commander of the tower crane must cooperate closely. The commander must be familiar with the mechanical performance of the command. The operator should strictly execute the signal of the commander. If the signal is unclear or wrong, the operator can refuse to perform it. If an accident is caused by a command error, the commander should be responsible.

8.When the operation room is far away from the ground and the command is difficult, the commander of the height and the ground can be set up or the effective contact method can be used for command.

9.When there are severe winds such as strong winds or heavy rain, heavy snow, heavy fog, etc., the operation should be suspended.

10.When lifting work, there must be no people to stay or pass under the heavy objects. It is strictly forbidden to use a tower crane to lift personnel.Gantry crane single girder price

11.It is strictly forbidden to use tower cranes for slanting, diagonally pulling and lifting heavy objects buried or condensed on the ground. The concrete members or formwork on the construction site must be loosened before lifting. The crane must be operated according to the specified lifting performance. Overloading and lifting objects of unknown weight.

12.The lashing should be stable and firm when lifting heavy objects. Do not stack or hang sporadic objects on heavy objects. Sporadic objects or items must be tied up with a cage or wire rope and then lifted. The angle between the lashing wire rope and the object shall not be less than 30 degrees.

Some types of cranes

Cranes are a type of equipment that is used in many construction engineering industries. The use of cranes can effectively improve the efficiency of the construction industry. There are many types of cranes, and each type of crane has different functions, so users must choose according to their own needs when choosing a crane.Light Crane supplier

(1) According to the load-bearing system of the crane running track, it can be divided into two types: support type and hanging type; according to the brake system, the movable and electric cranes can be separated; according to the difference of the main beam layout of the bridge, it can be divided into single beam and double beam crane.

Some types of cranes

(2) Variety of manual beam cranes: There are three types of manual single beam cranes, manual single beam hanging cranes and manual double beam cranes.

(3) The types of electric beam cranes include electric single-girder cranes, motor hoist double-girder cranes, and suspension crane track bridge layout. Small cantilever cranes consist of four types of electric single-beam hanging cranes and electric double-beam hanging cranes.

(4) Variety and layout of beam cranes. The bridge supporting the girder crane runs along the crane track on the crane beam. The bridge of the hanging beam crane runs along the crane track suspended.

In any case, the operator must abide by the principle of “not hanging” to prevent accidents. Before lifting, make sure that no one is crossing or standing in the moving area. Take the correct posture hook, pay attention to check whether the hook is secure and secure, and the hook personnel will lift after leaving the proper safety distance.