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Parking is difficult because the land used is incorrect

As the city is building faster and faster, the consumption level of residents is gradually increasing, and the vehicle retention rate is gradually increasing, resulting in the shortage of parking spaces. The “difficult parking” is also gloriously added to the difficult series of people who are difficult to travel and difficult to travel. Especially in some medium and large cities, the phenomenon of parking difficulties is particularly prominent, and disputes such as random stops, chaos, roads, and roads caused by parking problems are not uncommon. “Difficult parking” has become an important problem in most cities in many countries.Best Parking Equipment System from China Manufacturer

At this time, it is natural to say that a parking garage is gradually developing, which is a smart smart stereo garage. What is a smart stereo garage? The intelligent stereo garage is a system that uses a non-contact smart IC card as a voucher for the vehicle to enter and exit the parking lot. The advanced image comparison function is used to monitor the entry vehicle in real time, and the large LED display screen guides the owner to find the assigned three-dimensional parking space. Manage the information of each vehicle and parking space with stable communication and powerful database, and monitor the dynamic information of on-site vehicle parking in real time with advanced electronic map. This smart stereo garage can solve the safety of existing parking lot. Hidden problems, and can also improve the city’s space utilization.

Parking is difficult because the land used is incorrect

At present, China’s traditional parking lot construction still dominates. Many of the traditional parking lots in first-tier cities still have a relatively high proportion. However, with the increase of urbanization rate in China, the demand for urban space utilization will be higher and higher. The construction of the parking lot will be gradually replaced by the intelligent three-dimensional garage because of its large space, low space utilization and high input cost.

According to statistics, the space required for parking 50 cars in a traditional parking lot is 1,650 square meters, while the smart three-dimensional garage is only 50 square meters, which means that one car can be parked every 1 square meter. Moreover, from the perspective of project cost, the calculation of 50 parking spaces requires about 7.5 million yuan for traditional construction and 4 million yuan for intelligent three-dimensional garage construction.parking equipment manufacturers. Moreover, experts said that compared with the traditional parking lot, the smart stereo garage will be turned off when the vehicle enters the garage, and will be automatically stored by the stereo parking equipment, which reduces the vehicle’s lame and exhaust emissions in the garage, and is very environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Therefore, the intelligent three-dimensional garage has higher space utilization rate, lower engineering cost, and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.