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single girder crane

Single girder cranes usually refer to single-girder bridge cranes, the main beam of the single-girder crane bridge adopts the I-shaped steel or the combined section of the steel type and the steel plate. Lifting trolleys are often assembled with chain hoists, electric hoists or hoists as components of the hoisting mechanism.

single girder crane

It is widely used for lifting goods in different occasions and is prohibited from being used in flammable and explosive corrosive media environment.

It has two forms of operation, ground and air. Ground operation has two kinds of operation with line handle and remote controller handle; air operation refers to cab operation. There are two types of cabs, open and closed. They can be divided into left or right side according to the actual situation. There are two types of side and end faces in order to meet the needs of users in various situations.

Single girder bridge cranes are widely used in workshops, warehouses, stockyards, etc. in machinery manufacturing workshops, metallurgical workshops, petroleum, petrochemical, port, railway, civil aviation, power station, paper, building materials, electronics and other industries. The utility model has the advantages of compact size, low building clearance height, light weight and small wheel light crane manufacturer

Single girder crane selection:

First of all, it complies with the relevant regulations of the general gantry crane GB/T14406-1993 and GB5905-86. Under normal circumstances, the lifting weight is below 50t and the span is within 35m. There is no special use requirement, and a single girder bridge crane should be used. If the door leg width is required, the working speed is high, or the heavy parts are often lifted, and the long pieces are used, the double-beam gantry crane should be selected.