Browse Day: June 21, 2019

What safety matters should the Cavaliers notice

There have been an increase in the number of people using illegal personal mobility tools on local roads, and there have been many accidents involving electric bicycles and personal mobility tools. Using electric bicycles, electric scooters, balance scooters, electric unicycles, each with different legal regulations, what safety matters should the Cavaliers pay attention to?Mini Electric Scooter Manufacturer in China

The deputy general manager of a brand of personal transportation tools said that violations occurred frequently, mainly because the users were convenient for the map and did not comply with relevant safety regulations. However, he stressed that these people are a minority and recommended that the relevant authorities strengthen education propaganda and banning actions.

In addition to electric bicycles, personal mobility tools mainly include electric scooters, balance scooters, and electric unicycles. When the balance scooter is charged once, the driving distance is 15 kilometers, the electric scooter is 25 kilometers, and the electric bicycle can go farthest, up to 50 kilometers.

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The general manager revealed that because the balance scooter and the electric unicycle are not so easy to get started, it requires some skill. In addition, the electric bicycle needs to be registered with the Land Transportation Bureau from this year. The owner must hang the registered license plate for the bicycle. The process is a bit troublesome. Therefore, Chinese people prefer to buy electric scooters.

Most personal mobility tool accidents occur at intersections, and the Cavaliers are either too fast or do not use warning lights. He suggested that when the Cavaliers hit a crowd or cross the road at the intersection, they pushed off the electric scooter, which made it easier for the car to notice. “Some people are driving too fast and can’t react to unexpected situations.”

You should be aware of the use of personal mobility tools:

Electric scooter: When crossing the road at the intersection, push the electric scooter off; when the sky is dim, use the warning light, the front of the car is equipped with white light, the car is equipped with red light; the knight can also be on the helmet or clothes with warning lights; Use on the road.

Balanced scooter/electric unicycle: Drive on the balance of the body, always pay attention to the road surface in front, if the road is pit or uneven, it is easy to fall; the balance scooter tire diameter is between 6-8 inches, 6 inch mini electric scooter portable foldable for adult which is relatively unstable; The electric unicycle has a tire diameter of more than 10 inches, which can cope with small road problems; it is forbidden to use on the road.