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What safety matters should the Cavaliers notice

There have been an increase in the number of people using illegal personal mobility tools on local roads, and there have been many accidents involving electric bicycles and personal mobility tools. Using electric bicycles, electric scooters, balance scooters, electric unicycles, each with different legal regulations, what safety matters should the Cavaliers pay attention to?Mini Electric Scooter Manufacturer in China

The deputy general manager of a brand of personal transportation tools said that violations occurred frequently, mainly because the users were convenient for the map and did not comply with relevant safety regulations. However, he stressed that these people are a minority and recommended that the relevant authorities strengthen education propaganda and banning actions.

In addition to electric bicycles, personal mobility tools mainly include electric scooters, balance scooters, and electric unicycles. When the balance scooter is charged once, the driving distance is 15 kilometers, the electric scooter is 25 kilometers, and the electric bicycle can go farthest, up to 50 kilometers.

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The general manager revealed that because the balance scooter and the electric unicycle are not so easy to get started, it requires some skill. In addition, the electric bicycle needs to be registered with the Land Transportation Bureau from this year. The owner must hang the registered license plate for the bicycle. The process is a bit troublesome. Therefore, Chinese people prefer to buy electric scooters.

Most personal mobility tool accidents occur at intersections, and the Cavaliers are either too fast or do not use warning lights. He suggested that when the Cavaliers hit a crowd or cross the road at the intersection, they pushed off the electric scooter, which made it easier for the car to notice. “Some people are driving too fast and can’t react to unexpected situations.”

You should be aware of the use of personal mobility tools:

Electric scooter: When crossing the road at the intersection, push the electric scooter off; when the sky is dim, use the warning light, the front of the car is equipped with white light, the car is equipped with red light; the knight can also be on the helmet or clothes with warning lights; Use on the road.

Balanced scooter/electric unicycle: Drive on the balance of the body, always pay attention to the road surface in front, if the road is pit or uneven, it is easy to fall; the balance scooter tire diameter is between 6-8 inches, 6 inch mini electric scooter portable foldable for adult which is relatively unstable; The electric unicycle has a tire diameter of more than 10 inches, which can cope with small road problems; it is forbidden to use on the road.

The things that we need pay attention to electric scooters

I have been paying attention to electric scooters for a year or two. I have never shot, and I have experienced dozens of products from colleagues and friends. There are two reasons for not shooting. One is to buy a Bosch motor product, and the other is that every product Mini Electric Scooter Manufacturer that I have experienced can’t satisfy me. The following pits are a reminder:

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1, the cruising range is proportional to the battery capacity, those who last 20 kilometers, the weight of the car 6.3 kg will be ignored, carbon fiber will not work

2, or endurance, the manufacturer said that 20 to 30 kilometers are only 20 kilometers, and still travel at a constant speed. Many electric meters are marked as slow before and after, and they are used without power down.

3, if you have no electricity, you know that you can drag on the advantage of being able to walk away. Can you think that you can’t drag it after you lift it?

4, the motor power less than 300 can walk in the subway office, the outdoor is very bare on the asphalt road. ——Under the modification, there is no need to care about the speed requirement. I just experienced a modified version, the power is only about 150W, and the good road walking experience is also good.

5, the handlebar height of less than 120 cm from the ground, standing really tired, – add a sentence, because the arm is almost pressing the handlebar, not holding. But you can sit and hurry to buy a seat.

6, seats, those who directly moved the road car seat,, know what is the egg pain? Road bikes are big wheels and shock absorption! If you must have a seat, or the seat of the 28th bicycle is comfortable – add, if the difference between the same product without a seat and the seat is more than 150 yuan, you can buy a seat without a seat.

7, the smaller the wheel, the more bumpy, below the 10-inch tire, the paving of the sidewalk can numb your legs! The smaller the wheels on the market now, the less shock-absorbing! ! – Under the revision, it is not to shake the legs, but to smash ~ ~ shirt ~ ~ shock ~ ~ hemp ~ ~. There 6 inch mini electric scooter portable foldable for adult is also a downside to shock absorption. In the jargon, it is more than one piece of worry, that is easy to break. If you do a good job, the cost will definitely go up. Personal advice, do not consider portable, or buy a big wheel without shock absorbers.

8, has a car weight of more than 15 kg has not designed a car bracket? I see how you stop parking? ! Can you just throw the car on the lawn? Still parking to find a tree?

9, do not buy a car to send a pump and other big packages, do not discount, discounts? That quality has not seen good.

10, detachable battery, do not think that you can also bring a spare battery to increase battery life, you must also install bricks in the bag? Come on.